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What is new in Agora 4?

This new edition of the SDK and Scheduler MatchServer (SMS) has many improvements and bug fixes. The Agora technology is now more precise, more stable and more scalable than ever.
  • More precise feature extraction and better minutiae orientation to generate minutiae files in standard INCITS 378 format, ISO IEC 17974-2 format and proprietary format (interchangeable)
  • Minex certified (Spring 2014) for both extract and match
  • New MatchServer 4 with reduced memory overhead can handle more finger templates per server
  • Processing of up to 24 parallel threads for increase in performance
  • Support of Framework .NET 4 to keep you on the crest of the technology wave
  • Software and hardware* licensing methods for more flexibility of implementation. (*) Just servers
  • Supports Win 32 bits and Win 64 bits computers
  • New .NET namespaces Identification, ImageManipulation, Quality, Standards and ImageProcessing
  • The Namespaces section of the documentation now shows syntax in Visual Basic, C#, Visual C++ and JavaScript
  • Direct support of a variety of finger scanners, and indirect support of all scanners and image files.
  • Capture and analysis of flat and rolled finger images
  • Fast FBI certified WSQ compression and decompression
  • Even more finger image and matching viewing tools
  • Real time finger quality assessment
  • Accurate 1:1 verification of identity
  • Useful imaging tools
  • Front end 1 to N transaction component
  • You can develop your own web services to accept the transactions via the Internet
  • Accurate, fast and scalable 1:N search and match that can grow with the database and also with the frequency of transactions.
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