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Supported Scanners

Agora 4 supports all scanners.  Many are supported natively, directly.  Some are supported using the vendor's driver.   The developer can use the scanner driver to capture a finger image, and then programatically pass it to the Agora Analysis component.  We prefer 500 dpi but we can handle other resolutions if the information is available.  Here is the software code:

Public static
Antheus.Analysis.MinutiaeInfo Encode(int fgp, int imp, byte[] raw, int width, int height, int dpiX, int dpiY)

Natively supported scanners. Note: (*) Denotes development required Agora 4
Guardian Cross Match Technologies LScan Guardian (*)
DactyScan 84 Green Bit DactyScan 84 (*)
Real Scan 100 Suprema RealScan 10 (*)
Cross Match Technologies Verifier 320
Verifier 310 Cross Match Technologies Verifier 310
Verifier 300 LC2 Cross Match Technologies Verifier 300 LC2
Cross Match Lscan 100
RealScanD Suprema RealScanD
eNBioScanF Nitgen eNBioScanF
DactyScan 26 Green Bit DactyScan 26
Hiscan Biometrica Hiscan
S6801 Hongda S6801
Futronic FS80
Watson Mini
Lumidigm V302
Lumidigm M311
Suprema Biomini Plus
Secugen Hamster Plus
Nitgen Hamster DX
Nitgen eNBioScan-D PLus
Futronic FS50
Digital Persona U.are.U 4500
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